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 Dear John Fuller Families:

   “So, what did you learn in school today?” If you were to ask a John Fuller third, fourth, fifth, or sixth grader after school on a Wednesday, you might be surprised by the answer.  This year we are trying something new with the implementation of an “electives” block for our older students.  Our goal is to create a structure within our school day that provides students with choice of topics about which they learn.  It provides alternatives for exploration and works to accommodate different strengths, interests and needs. 
We created a menu of options from which students could choose.  They rated their top three choices and were assigned to one of those electives.  In Health, students are working with Mr. Dimon and representatives from Memorial Hospital to increase their knowledge of healthy living, nutrition, fitness, problem solving and decision-making.  Our Literary Magazine’s editor in chief is Mrs. Fair and students are collaborating to create a vehicle through which student writing can be published and shared.  The Design Team gives students an opportunity to extend their skills and imaginations in art. Participating students will work as a team with Ms. Ayers to plan and create art projects having a single theme as a focus.  Our Technology elective is called, “Lights, Camera, Action” and students are working on iPads to create movie trailers that will give viewers a sneak peek at their second project: interactive iPad books! Working with Mrs. Day, students will write stories and create interactive books that they can share.  In Spanish, students are working with parent volunteer Karen Murray to learn basic vocabulary and phrases in a new language.  Falcon Fellows is a group of students working with Mrs.                                                Memoli and Kelley Murphy to engage in community service and improve leadership skills.  Finally, our Chorus students are working under the direction of Mrs. Lawson to enhance the quality of vocal sound, musical knowledge, and apply techniques of vocal blending.  They will also have the opportunity to perform at various events.
Research has shown that providing students with choice helps to increase motivation, effort and performance.  This structure provides the opportunity for students to interact and connect with one another in different ways.  It allows them to explore and possibly develop new interests.  It also provides time for our classroom teachers to collaborate vertically, focusing on curriculum and instruction.Our electives will run on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-3:10pm through December.  We will take a break during ski season, except for those students in chorus, and then run a second round in the spring.  For our spring electives students will again have a choice about the activity in which they want to participate.  If you have an interest or talent and would be interested in facilitating a group, please let me know and we can add you to our menu for the spring.           
                                            Mrs. Wilson
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Dates to Remember...

Wednesday, Oct. 29th, Student Flu Shots

Friday, Oct. 24th, PTA Coffee Talk, 8:45 am

Friday, Oct. 31st, PTA Trick or Treating Door to Door, 4:30-6:00

Wednesday, Oct. 29th, Picture Retakes

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